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What's involved with Fostering or Volunteering?

Would you like to help save a life?

Great Lakes Lab rescue is in dire need of foster homes. All of our Labs are placed in foster homes prior to their forever home so that we may assess their personality and find the perfect family for them. Therefore without foster homes we cannot save any Labs.

Where do the rescued dogs come from?

All GLLR are pure-bred to the best of our knowledge. While many come from shelters (these are our priority), others are surrendered by their owners for a variety of reasons (allergies, change in life situations, owner's death or illness, owner lack of commitment, etc.) Some have been abused; some have medical conditions; some were strays; all of them are very lovable and affectionate. You will be advised of any concerns so you can make a well-informed decision as to whether a particular Lab is the right dog for your situation. All dogs are evaluated for temperament. We do not accept any dog that has a history of biting or aggressive behavior.

Why Do Labs Need Rescuing?

Labs are the most popular breed in America and have been for the past 15 years. In 2004 the AKC registered 149,692 Labs. There are thousands more that are never registered. They have an excellent reputation for being an all around great family dog. However, some people purchase a Lab without learning about the time, training and lifetime commitment the dog requires. On average we get about 30 calls a month from owners and shelters that would like us to take in their Labs. If we are lucky we save 5 or 6 of them.

What does fostering involve?

Fostering is simple. It involves taking a needy lab into your home until his/her new forever home is found. You will be responsible for ensuring that the rescued animal will make a good forever pet in someone's home. This often involves some minor obedience work (sit, stay, come), learning their new name (if we didn't know it when they came to us) and might involved crate training or housebreaking. You will also be responsible for taking them to a GLLR approved vet and keeping us informed should any issues, either medically or behaviorally, arise. How long will the Lab stay in my house? Depending on the age and health of the lab this can vary from 2 weeks to a few months. However, the average Lab stays in foster care for about 14-20 days.

What are my expenses?

Foster homes are responsible for providing a loving home, food, fresh water, healthy treats, and safe toys for the foster lab. A leash is also your responsibility. Great Lakes provides all of the medical expenses for the Lab while in your care. This includes all vaccinations, spay/neuter, collar, tag and Heartworm preventative. We will also provide a crate if needed. Is it hard to let fosters go? Yes. You will fall in love with the Lab and at first it is hard to let them go. But you are not sending them off into the unknown. You will meet the adopting family before they adopt your foster. Prior to them even meeting your foster, the adopting family will have passed a vet check, a phone interview and an in-home visit so we know they are going to a good home. One thing to remember is that each time you place a foster in their forever home, you free up your home to give another deserving Lab a second chance at life. Are you still interested?

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We are so happy that you are interested in becoming a part of our great organization. There are many opportunities to assist us. Please complete this form and note that incomplete forms will not be processed. GLLR is a volunteer organization. Please understand that you may not hear from us for 10 days after your application has been submitted. If you have not heard from a volunteer within 10 days, please call us as your application may not have been transmitted properly. Please be patient and wait ten days before calling.

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